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Charities and Not For Profits are under increasing pressure to remain cyber safe while embracing digitisation, cloud and communication technologies that ensure you can deliver a high level of service to stakeholders, whilst also keeping to tight budgets.

Not-for-profits (NFPs) face several common challenges, which often include the need to control service delivery costs, manage mobile workforces and protecting sensitive client data. All while ensuring any IT disruption for staff is minimised so they can focus on client outcomes. The right mix of IT strategy, support, and proactive advice can make the difference. As one of the leading Microsoft partners in the Australia, Veracom Solutions is trusted by organisations to help them achieve their mission. Veracom is able to do this through a unique combination of industry experience, technology capabilities and a genuine commitment to making a difference.

Reduce your risk of not adhering to strict data compliance and industry regulations due to inefficient and cumbersome processes when collecting and submitting data. Ensure that your doner and volunteer information is secured by adhering to the ACSC Essential 8 and beyond. When digitising, poorly integrated and inaccessible forms mean processes are slow and prone to human error. This is stopping your staff and volunteers from being able to fully focus on their mission. To remain efficient and compliant, NFPs must have access to integrated workflows that enable secure full visibility of data and external reporting for compliance purposes.

How it works


Be Cyber Secure


Secure your Not-for-Profit without complicating things for your users & protect your sensitive client data from being exposed whilst empowering staff

Your device policies are essential for your staff to do their jobs however, poor security practices around device management and BYOD mean higher chances of data breaches. To protect all entry points and user interfaces where your client data is stored, you need to implement a comprehensive security suite covering your Microsoft 365, other infrastructure, and device fleet.


Digitise and Analyse

Veracom IT Support Digitise

Empower your NFP to focus on its mission by digitising business process

Poorly integrated and inaccessible forms mean processes are slow and prone to human error. This is stopping NFP staff and volunteers from being able to fully focus on their mission. Prevent productivity loss and high operating costs from inefficient data collection, unwieldly processes, and a lack of data insights.

You need user friendly forms with integrated workflows so that staff avoid repetitive activity with less room for error.


Move to the Cloud


Are you struggling with collaboration challenges arising from hybrid working, security issues because of flexibility, or the inability to scale quickly

Drive optimum care by empowering your workers and volunteers with the tools they need at their fingertips. Enable teams to work from anywhere with ease while making sure their client data is captured and backed up – securely.

Cloud technology has the power to enable significant improvements in your teams’ efficiency and day-to-day operations.

Veracom can deliver your team the freedom to securely access data from anywhere, on any device. As Microsoft 365 specialists, we help NFPs embrace cloud solutions and remain agile in the digitalised world.


Discover and Educate


Improve your IT strategy with clear guidance allowing you to focus on delivering your mission

Is having a holistic view of IT difficult for you to achieve due to the multitude of areas that need specialist skills?

Veracom will meet with your Executive team and your board if needed. During a detailed consultation we will understand your organisation and how you work, what you r goals and how you plan to get there.  We use this to develop your IT road map and help your team through implementation and we will stay there for support if needed.




Backing up your systems, data and stakeholder information is an integral part of your compliance

Failure to regularly backup your data and services can lead to potentially disastrous results. Ensure you reduce downtime and have peace of mind in the event of power outages, major attacks or malicious activity with a secure backup system.


Veracom will assist in developing and implement and appropriate backup and disaster recovery strategy that aligns with your goals and Risk profile.


Support and Manage

ata security. Cloud Services, cloud back ups

Support your NFP with 24×7 IT support which is there when you need it most

As the world moves to becoming more digitised and mobile and the NFP sector is dealing with changing regulations and servicing modes. Your team need instant IT support. Without it, they can’t focus on their care work, risking an impact on efficiency.

Let your team focus on their mission while Veracom supports your IT. Our pro-active approach drives standardisation across the board, including hardware, while integrating with your business processes.

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