Cloud Services Cloud services enable service scalability and protection without the need for expensive hardware and large capital costs.


Cloud based technology is becoming increasingly necessary as part of a long-term IT strategy and solution.

With constant technological updates and the need for added security and adaptability, cloud service offers the ability to not only reduce upfront costs on hardware and software, but also ensures a sound infrastructure within your IT management plan. With the ability to offer protection and security, allow for expansion and support for varying size businesses, cloud-based IT can either supplement or replace more traditional IT solutions. 

Staying ahead of the game is crucial in a tech savvy environment, harnessing the power of cloud technology ensures you remain up to the minute and on the ball. Our packages and solutions offer a range of cloud-based options to meet the size, needs and budget of your business. With the ability to be adapted and changed when needed while ensuring off-site added security, cloud-based technology is the way of the future.

How it works


Managed Cloud Solutions

managed cloud solutions

We offer the options of both managed private cloud and public cloud solutions. Depending on the needs and size of your business, we have the solution to best suit your needs. A private cloud offers the added benefit of a customisable isolated private space completely dedicated to your business. Whereas a public cloud service such as Azure, AWS, Google Suite and many others reduces the cost of a private storage solution and offers a more flexible pay as you go option.


Remote Server

Cloud Services, remote servers

A remote hosted server solution combined with managed internet and network solutions allows you to leverage the power of cloud computing. Reducing the need for physical storage space within your practice while also ensuring optimal security and reducing the risk of power surges, downtime and computer hacking.


Office 365

Cloud Services, office 365

Office 365 offers varying levels of software through a cloud-based system. Utilising the familiar office desktop applications without the need for actual physical software products. Allowing operation of email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing, file sharing along with the usual Microsoft Office programs, with the added benefit of adding or removing users easily and paying only for what you need.


Remote Access & Mobile Staff

Cloud Services, remote work environments

The typical work environment is ever evolving, and many businesses have staff that operate not just on-site, but remotely. Our services offer the ability to have mobile ‘offices’ and custom cloud solutions to allow staff to work on and off-site with ease. Ensuring security, productivity and efficiency no matter the location of your team.


Cloud Backup

We offer backup and data recovery services across all areas of IT to ensure that your systems, communication and data are backed up and recoverable in the event of a disaster, malware attack, power outage and more. Cloud service backup ensures safety off-site, taking into account all possible scenarios and ensuring your business can remain fully operational.

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