About Managed IT Veracom provides business IT support and is your technology partner for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)


IT Strategy : We take a planned and collaborative approach to developing an IT strategy that is used to build, manage and support your technology investment.

We understand that IT can be overwhelming and often frustrating. Partnering with major suppliers and vendors, we provide a single point of contact for strategic IT solutions specific to your business needs.

Veracom provides business IT support and is your technology partner for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). Many entrepreneurs and managers are very innovative and will make the tech work, but do not have the time to manage their IT systems nor can the business afford fulltime IT staff. Veracom can be your virtual CIO and IT department to ensure that you leverage the best technology to help with your business growth.

For larger business with an IT department either locally of outside Australia our team is experienced and accustom to being your local IT support partner. Whether you need external expertise in key areas like IT strategic planning, risk management, disaster recovery, cyber security, local procurement, internet, cloud services, or need skilled and certified remote hands for your Australian based offices, our team is ready to fit into your extended IT department as needed.

Our philosophy is based around exceptional service, reliability, ease of use and optimal functionality, allowing you to focus on the needs of your clients. We don’t just implement IT support solutions, but ensure ongoing management and maintenance of all your IT operations, as well as access to remote and on-site tech support when needed.

When you partner with Veracom you can rest assured that your expectations will not only be met but exceeded. Creating an innovative central hub for all your IT needs that allows for ultimate flexibility, adaptability and long term growth.



Quality suppliers

We offer a single point of contact for our clients partnering with leading vendors to ensure seamless integration into your entire IT framework.


Veracom - IT Strategic Advice and Support for Business

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